FLEXIT empowers clients of all ages, abilities, and body types to achieve their fitness goals through safe, customized program design and a holistic approach to health and wellness. FLEXIT trains clients of all fitness levels, but specializes in coaching novice level adults beginning or resuming an exercise practice, or who exercise inconsistently.



Through a commitment to service accessibility, FLEXIT helps reduce two leading barriers to fitness adherence: time and cost. Fitness coaching is conveniently available in person, virtually, or in a blended/hybrid format. And fees are set with affordability in mind, including bulk discounts, special promotions, sliding scale rates, and payment plans.



I’m a recovered deconditioned workaholic, turned fitness enthusiast, movement coach, and wellness maven. Maybe that’s not the pitch you’d expect from a fitness trainer. But If you’re looking to overcome barriers to physical activity and adopt a healthier lifestyle, that’s my expertise, my passion, and my journey.




By Emet Davis | April 18, 2021
We’ve all been there. We know exercise is good for us, and it helps us physically and mentally. But sometimes,...


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Let’s face it, most of us aren’t comfortable with self-affirmations. We wouldn’t hesitate to compliment a friend or family member...

Strong Seniors

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Instagram Influencers – @iamlshauntay

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International Women’s Day

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FLEXIT online

By Emet Davis | March 2, 2021
We are live! Here’s a brief introductory video with some more background on FLEXIT—including where you can find us on...

New (ad)venture

By Emet Davis | March 1, 2021
Welcome to my new business (ad)venture: FLEX Integrated Training (FLEXIT). For me, the past year has been a catalyst for...