I'm a recovered deconditioned workaholic, turned fitness enthusiast, movement coach, and wellness maven.

I’m a recovered deconditioned workaholic, turned fitness enthusiast, movement coach, and wellness maven. Maybe that’s not the pitch you’d expect from a fitness trainer. But if you’re looking to overcome barriers to physical activity and adopt a healthier lifestyle, that’s my expertise, my passion, and my journey.

Several years ago, a series of major adverse life events forced me to examine and radically change how I was living. In my case, chronic overworking was a symptom of something more complex and pervasive that I needed to address. Starting with a dedicated body/mind fitness practice, I focused on building stability, strength, and endurance.

The experience was transformative—so much so that my personal path evolved into a new career path. I completed comprehensive studies in exercise science and program design to certify as a personal trainer.

In establishing FLEXIT, I chose to specialize in training adults beginning their fitness journey or returning to exercise after an absence due to medical, personal, or practical reasons. I bring understanding and empathy to this experience. My training philosophy is reflected in FLEXIT’s core values: I empower clients to achieve their goals through convenient, affordable, and professional services; a supportive learning environment; and safe, customized training programs.

Starting an exercise practice might seem daunting at first, but as you progress, your comfort and confidence will grow. If you see yourself on the spectrum between where do I start? and let’s get started!, let’s talk. Contact me for a free consultation.

~ Emet Davis (CPT - NASM)
   Owner/Operator, FLEX Integrated Training | FLEXIT

Experience & Education

Owner/operator/coach – FLEX Integrated Training
Rehabilitative Assistant – Tonume Integrated Health
Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Emergency First Aid/CPR/AED – Canadian Red Cross

Advanced Studies – NASM (in progress):

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Seniors’ Fitness Specialist
  • Nutrition Coach

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

~ Arthur Ashe

Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. 

~ Michelle Obama

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that is very important for good health.

~ Dalai Lama

Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.

~ Jana Kingsford